It has been long time I stopped writing, it’s not about time doesn’t permit, or work and life has brought up troubles, or many things messy around, but, one real thing is, I am getting lazy and doesn’t want to write. Thinking is much faster.

But yet, writing will get you release more, it makes you feel better and feel kind of speaking to a soulmate. 

This morning, getting out of bed and trying to get things as normal after a wonderful week-end, I start to think of friendship. What friends are for?

It is “in good times and bad times

I’ll be on your side forever more”…as Dionne Warwick sang.

It is like “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood” as Seneca, a Roman Stoic philosopher, said.

As to me, friendship is something like understand rhythm of silent, I remember when I was desperate from my first love. The world was grey with sluggish time, filled with gloomy days. One day, I shouted at one of my colleague, who is 10 years older than me, when we were eating out. I talked to her as if she was an annoyed thing. She was so calm and hugged me :” Cry, just cry and you’ll feel better, my sister. I wish that you’d feel better after you’d yelled at me, but it’s not.”  I cried as if had never been crying before.  I think she is my soulmate.

I have another girl who has been one of my friends since 30 years, when I was up, she sent me a letter :”I am so proud of you, Hoang”. When I was down, and flew to my brother, she and her husband drove 4 hours during the night from her house to my brother’s to listen to me crying and moaning. Then they drove another 4 hours back to work in the next morning. And last time, I went back to the US again, she knew my situation and said:”I am sorry for pause touching base, I was so busy…”. It touched me.

I am blessed with these two women who really care for me.

Then this morning, thinking of them, I asked myself what did I do for them? For sure, a moment in life they’d need a hand or a shoulder to cry on, but where am I?

I am bad to these two women who really need me in their hard time.

People said :”A friend in need is a friend indeed” for one way: what people do for me?

How about the other way: What did I do for my friends?

Both are questions but two meanings.

I like to hear Super Star asked a girl cry on the man’s shoulder when she is down and he will show her his love, to me, it is also a love of a friendship.


About Burning desires

Try to learn everyday, fulfil human being duties and reach the aim I targeted.
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  1. Wow, I did not know you are a writer at heart. Bravo! and keep it up.

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